Midi output - turning the LEDs on the launchpad on

I like the new Midi feature very much, it make‘s Photon much better.
I have one additional wish for Midi; It would be nice if Photon can give a midi feedback or a midi output. Then it would be possible that the LEDs on my launchpad are turned on.
I imagine to set a velocity for the inactive status of the Live buttons (e.g. 0 = LED off) and a velocity for the active status (e.g. 127 = LED green) manually, so it will be possible to switch also the colours (the velocity for red is for example 3 and for red blinking 4 on my launchpad).
My Launchpad is this one: Akai APC KEY 25
It‘s no problem if it takes time until the feature is avaiable, but I will be happy if it‘s possible sometime :relieved: .
Thank you!


HI, I would like to join this topic. It would be useful if button that are pressed/active will have light on as they are supposed to have. It should be possible just add a send MIDI back.

Love the MIDI integration, looking forward to have lit buttons.


Hi !
I agree 100% with that feature request, midi feedback will put Photon “on steroid” !
I’m currently using an APC mini but would surely switch to an APC 40 Mk2 if color feedback could be added. On the APC 40 Mk2 the leds are RVB, so matching the led color with widget color would be a very interesting improvment.
Thanks for that great App !

  • Jean-Claude

Hi there, joining the thread in asking about this feature as I am looking at getting the APC Mini MK2

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