Midi Program Changes - mapped to 'Shows'

Hi I’d like to be able to select ‘Shows’ with midi program changes. I could then have a ‘Show’ for each song in the bands setlist, all the sequences, pallette changes, etc would be loaded when it was selected. Currently ALL sequences etc etc have to be loaded as a whole show - several comments about running out of spaceon the dashboard. By selecting these with midi program changes, they can be selected at the start of each song from my central control app Setlist Maker ( i use the same program changes to select different mixes in AUM and even switch pedals on my pedalboad).

Many Thanks

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I totally understand your need, and yes it could be very interesting. A kind of MIDI PROGRAM that navigates in Photon.
I don’t hide you that it will be difficult to integrate in Photon. I note it in our list of features to realize, but it will not be for soon.

I may have made it sound more complicated than necessary - ‘just’ the ability to select ‘Shows’ in Photon 2 with Midi Program Changes from another app. whilst Photon 2 is running in the background.

Apologies if you already understood this!


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Ok, I add this idea in our feature todo list, but unfortunately we will not implement this for this year, we have others features to code before.
Thank you for the suggestion !

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