Midi sticking on


Im having trouble with midi sticking on when running it via multitracker.

I use cubase to record my midi tracks with a akia apc mini. I load them into multitracker and the presents/sequences in photon that are supposed to be set to latched ‘locked’ and flash are just sticking on. At one point i had 10 presets stuck on!

I use a mix of ‘latched solo’ and ‘latched locked’ presets (latched solo set to toggle for my main stage washes, latched locked set to flash for my moving heads) it all plays brilliant when im recording it but as soon as i load them into multitracker they stick. I dont think multitracker is the problem here, as it does the same when i play back through cubase

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I had the same problem with Multitracker and it was really bad. I am now using Logic to compose the MIDI triggers and Livetraker to play it back. Both have an occasional MIDI note stuck, but far less than Multitracker. I reached out to the creator or Multitracker and he had me submit some MIDI files I was using, but he couldn’t figure out why the MIDI notes were sticking so much. I’d suggest you try another program, but I’d also like to eliminate stuck notes altogether and would like to hear any solutions others may have.

My setup is a Macbook Air with Livetraker playing backing tracks and sending MIDI info to Mainstage, Photon, and a Helix Stomp XL. So far, I’m only having MIDI stick with Photo. Everything is wireless, so Photon on my 9th gen iPad is connected to MIDI via Local Network or Bluetooth. Mainstage is connected via IAC, and the Helix is connected via WIDI Master bluetooth.

I put a lot of time into (flash) triggering MIDI notes for my band’s songs, so I’d like to find a solution in order to have flawless, or near-flawless light shows.


Do you see strange things on midi debug console on photon side ?