More control over the Color setting area inside a show

Hi Photon team,

I just came across Photon and I like its features a lot (therefore I purchased it almost immediately).

However, it seems a bit frustrating that there is obviously no reals chance to influence the color setting area inside a show.

In my case, my device fixtures do not have RGB but just a color wheel with static colors, static double-colors and a rainbow speed slider, which I am controlling through a Custom Control with buttons and a slider. Therefore, the color section has no reals function. Even when using the gobo color function, there is no way to change the color area’s appearance as the color circle is only partially useful…

Thank you for reconsidering the behavior of the show’s color area in such cases.

Kind regards


Hello and welcome !
Happy to learn that you like Photon.

Good news, it is possible to control discontinued colors with the wheel.

Did you create this device yourself (with the fixture factory) or it was already in the Photon’s fixture database ?

You can edit your fixture and instead of using « custom control » for your color channel, use a « color control ». Be careful, it will not be possible to manage dual colors.

Don’t forget to delete your device from your show DMX mapping then add it again (or your changes will not be apply). Yes this is not convenient…

I hope you will understand my explanations.

Dear Cclleemm,

thanks a lot for your taking care about my request!

I am fully aware of this option (was my first try to use the color control gobo color setup), however, it will not provide the necessary straight-forward approach for my use case.


  • The color selection for the gobo color setup is a bit try and error (try to select a yellow color)

  • The selection through the color wheel lateron will remain guesswork for discontinued colors.

  • The existing single color buttons underneath the color wheel will remain as is and will not reflect what I am entering as data (just six color buttons, regardless what I am entering, in my case, orange is missing).

  • Dual colors cannot be inserted there

  • The four sliders underneath will have no obvious function in such a case

  • Therefore, I need to add a custom control anyway, which - at the end - will make the color section useless.

Don’t catch me wrong: I can ignore the color section. And your app is still great!!

Another remark: there is no way to customize the look (e.g. color and icon) of the custom buttons, which would help the user to operate intuitively.

Summary: It would be great to have a choice between a color section for continuous colors vs. a color section for static / dual colors for a group.

But don’t worry, I have my work around with the custom setting :).

Kind regards