Movement curves for X/Y Location

Hi there. First off, huge fan of the app. I’ve already used it to create several lightshow and I absolutely in love with the ability to create my own dashboard. Thanks for creating this extremely useful tool.

As I just transitioned over from Luminaire, there is one feature that I’m seriously missing: movement curves!

I’m currently using few Hypno Spot moving heads that I’m controlling the X/Y axis with, but in order to get something close to the movement of a standard OVAL or FIGURE 8, I need to set several presets and try to sequence them together.

A good example of a solution to this is what the Luminaire app has, which is an option to add “movement curves” like this to the X/Y axis, and even the ability for users to record there own. I’d love to see this feature on Photon!

(And of course if there’s already an easy way to do this and I’ve missed it please let me know!)


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Hi Chris and welcome !
I’m very very happy to know that you live Photon, we do our best to make the tool efficient and intuitive.

The feature you ask for can be very useful. You are not the first users to ask it and it can really help to create movements. For the moment it is not possible to do it simply (other than with a sequence) in Photon. We keep this functionality in mind and want to code it, but it takes a lot of work. I hope we can integrate it a bit like in Luminair in a future version of Photon.

If you have other suggestions or questions don’t hesitate !