Multi Zone LED Bar Lights

Hi All!

I’m hoping someone can give me some ideas on how to best use my Chauvet DJ COLORband T3’s.

They are 3 Zone Lights, meaning you can control 3 separate zones with 3 LEDS in each independently. Each zone has 3 dedicated channels to each. See Below.

Zone 1
Ch 1 - Red
Ch 2 - Green
Ch 3 - Blue

Zone 2
Ch 4 - Red
Ch 5 - Green
Ch 6 - Blue

Zone 3
Ch 7 - Red
Ch 8 - Green
Ch 9 - Blue

I have been successfully in controlling all zones at once and selecting any colour using the colour wheel, however I can not figure out how to control each zone independently.

I’d really like to be able to setup “Zone Chase” sequences on each Bar Light but I won’t be able to unless I figure out how to control each zone independently.

Your help is greatly appreciated!

Hello !
I think you can create a custom fixture that control only 3 channels and the. Create 3 indépendant devices from this custom fixtures.
Then add each ones in 3 distinct groups.
I will be managed as 3 differents and independant lights.

Hi, I also ran into a similar problem. I understand you can make different fixtures but that is very impractical and unorganized because it is still the same fixture. It would be great you could allow us to customize everything that’s inside the group. For example add channels or another color fader associated with the specific channel inside the groups. Or add a separate tab for fixtures or even a channels tab because there are times where I don’t remember what the different channels are on my old fixtures and cant even add the fixture.

Thank you.