Multipart led fixture sequence

Hi there, I am familiar with other full software lighting packages and I want to see if I can easily create a sequence moving across multi led fixtures.

For example I have 8x rgb led pixels in a bar fixture and I have 8 of those (24ch each 192 total ch, 64x rgb pixels). If I wanted a single led intensity chasing across all of these bars it would be a sequence of 64 states (one for each led). From what I know I would manually need to set up 64 groups (each led) and manually make 64 presets to then make this sequence which is a Huge amount of work. Is there another way of doing this or plans to make this easy?

Hi and welcome @Jaye_Smoker !
Gradients, chasing and others LEDs effects are not compliant yet with Photon. We redesigned all the core DMX sender to permit it but the development is not finished. We keep in mind that we have to work on it soon but it will not be possible easily in 2021. First, on the Photon roadmap, we will add MIDI input feature, multi-dashboard and then on this kind of effects :

  • Moving (circles, flowers…)
  • Chases
  • Sparkle
  • Gradients

I’m very sorry I don’t have an easy alternative to do it, sequences is the solution but it will represent a huge work :confused: What industry are you trying to do this for? Music, cinema, pub?

In any case, thank you very much for your feedback which we keep in mind for the future.

Thanks for the honesty. It is for a small club/DJ lighting system which is where I see a lot of potential with the bpm sync functions working well enough without a trained operator or any at all.

Having a show running completely bpm sync with an easy to use colour picker for each group (movers/L+R stage/blinders) extra momentary FX/bump/strobe buttons and also base pattern/sequence picker on the main page would work very well for this application.

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You’re welcome.
Photon is perfect for smalls clubs, you can pre-configure one or several shows for the club the a unique customizable dashboard is perfect for the DJ (without a trained operator).
It will take a little time to configure everything but once done all you have to do is launch Photon in Live mode then press the buttons on the dashboard. Once you use it in your club do not hesitate to send us a small photo or video, it always makes us very happy!
Enjoy :wink: