Múltiple Color Wheels

I have a fixture that has 5 different sections (leds) that can be independently controlled for color. If I add multiple mapping for color in the fixture editor I have no where in the group controller or anywhere for that matter to select what color wheel I am implementing.

are multiple color wheels / selector supported?

Any way around this?

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If I understand correctly, you have created a single device with 5 x RGB channels.
If all your channels are in the same fixture and therefore in the same group then you will not be able to control the color wheels individually.
I advise you to divide your fixture in several fixtures and then integrate each fixture in a different group.
So you will have 5 independent groups on your dashboard.

It’s not really pretty, it’s a bit of a fiddle, but one day we’ll have to deal with subset devices properly.

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I have 14 colors with my moving head, I was also thinking to have a color wheel or palette with 14 buttons (or customizable qty with predefined colors). Right now I have no use for the color wheel with my actual mapping. Any ideas would be really appreciated. Thanks.

This is what I did. This fixture is a LED strip divided in sections.

However it is not an elegant solution. Hope that this feature is supported soon. :pray:t2: :four_leaf_clover:

We have this moving heads setup with photon, colors are as follows (maybe the attached images works for some inspiration ideas).

But how can you do this? The app doesn’t allow you to have multiple fixtures on the same DMX channel range?

I’ve got the same problem, I can create a fixture for each of the separate cans in the bar, but the base address is the same for all of them

Il faut utiliser autant de boutons que de couleurs de votre lyre dans le tableau de bord.

Regardez la photo de mon tableau de bord.

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Did you ever get this figured out?