Multiple crashes when running in Background

I’m getting multiple crashes of photon 2 when running as live mode in the background.


Can you provide me ips file for Photon2, this its is about a crash of Jetsam

Is there a way to share the full file, I’m not able to upload iOS files here.

Attached is the show that it’s crashing when running multiple sequences.

Photon Causeway .phos (1.1 MB)

Thank you,
This is a problem of power consumption in background. Apple not allow big energy consumption in background. We had develop a big optimization for that a month ago but we still testing it hard to be sure that it will not affect photon behavior. When we will release it the background mode will be stable.

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This is also occurring in the foreground as well with my show. Is that a similar issue that should also be solved with the update?

Foreground Photon-2022-03-14-204325.ips (38.1 KB)

Thank you very much, we are looking for a fix. I’m not sure it is the same problem

I know this as ongoing investigation so I wanted to provide some more data. Photon locked up for me during a gig last night (runs in the background behind OnSong, which sends MIDI messages to Photon). Although the lock-up required me to restart Photon and reload my show, the IPS file from my iPad doesn’t show a fatal failure. Thanks.

Photon.wakeups_resource-2022-04-09-213806.ips (17.0 KB)

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Thank you for your help ! It is very helpful.
I hope it didn’t disturb your show too much…

Not too bad. I now always use the breaks between setlists as an opportunity to restart OnSong and Photon (that is when I noticed the crash).