New Lights any tips on adding to existing Programs?

I have programmed about 200 songs to have midi triggered lights. I was given a couple of Freedom Sticks by Chauvet and I want to add them to the songs I have already programmed. I have gone back to Logic Pro and programmed in the midi signals for the new lights however, I would like the new lights to stay on for most of the song. Therefore, the midi note for the new lights overlap the previously programmed lights. This seems to cause errors in transmission through Photon. All of my lights are set in the Flash mode (trigger) in Photon. I know I could start over and create all new scenes. But that seems like a ton of time and I was hoping for an easier solution. Any tips?

Hey @Mully !
If I understand well, you can’t create a new button with a new midi message ?
Did you know that you can add multiple presets/sequences for the same button.
Did you try to add your « new scene » to an existing button with your precedent scene ?
Is it what you want to do ?

Thank you very much for your quick reply. Happy Holidays. I have been able to stack a couple of presets. I was not aware that I could do that. That is great.

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Good Day, I feel like I am missing something very simple and was hoping you can help me out. I have programmed all of our bands songs (via midi). I notice that when I have any overlap of notes that one of the lights will stop responding. I am fine with that. However, I just got some new lights that offer a number of effects. I would like to just go back to each song and add the effect we want during the chorus. So, I would like The original program to remain and trigger the additional new lights for effects. I have tried stacking the sequences via the Button Actions pop up on the live dashboard. But, I can’t seem to get it to trigger both lights. Please help. I really don’t want to have to completely reprogram all our song presets in order to add some effect lighting. Thanks

Any chance you are using Latch mode on your sequence - only thing I can think of off top of my head? I stack sequences all the time to control different lights - movers vs. gobos. vs pars. I have some sequences where my underlying lights keep running and I turn on a Spotlight on just one performer by stacking, so I know it should work.

I really appreciate your responses. I am not using Latch mode. I program midi notes in Logic Pro. Each note turns on/off a scene of 4 lights. That works great. I got a couple of freedom sticks as a gift. I want to be able to add them to my existing midi program for each tune. So I set them up to be assigned to different notes in Logic. However, if the Sticks are on the scene for the original 4 lights does not function. Any ideas.

OK, how about the preset on the “light control” screen. Make sure that for the “freedom sticks” preset that only “freedom sticks” are checked to be included in this preset control, that is - no other lights are “checked”, to be sure they are excluded?

Feel free to send the show file if you like… might be better than my guessing at your setup

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Zion, you were correct. I had left the boxes check on my other lights when I set up the new lights. Something so small was driving we nuts. Thank you soooo much. The first show with the programmed lights will be next weekend. Looking forward to it and to hopefully passing along the help to someone else who is trying to run a similar show. Have a happy and healthy New Year.

Glad that worked out. Of interest for others in similar circumstance, if desired you even can have the lights “checked” as part of the preset and only have certain controls active for that light for that preset - I do this with Movers, where I only change XY for a certain look or spot, and all other characters like color, strobe, etc. remain per underlying present controls. Really flexible software and control!