New to Photon - Setting up a custom device

Hello everyone - My first post!

I’ve just installed Photon2 and it seems to be talking to my Chauvet DMX-AN2. I only have one light here at home to do testing and setup. (others are in the venue - our Church) This lamp is a 30W U-King pinspot from Amazon. The instructions tell me the following
CH1 0-8 no effect, 9-134 RGBW light from dark to light 135-239 strobe speed slow-fast, 240-255 CH2-C5 effect
CH2 0 Red Keep dark 1-255 Red from Dark to Light
CH3 0 Green Keep dark 1-255 Green from Dark to Light
CH4 0 Blue Keep dark 1-255 Blue from Dark to Light
CH5 0 White Keep dark 1-255 White from Dark to Light
CH6 Lots of parameters (I can list them if it helps)

I have set up a device with 6 channels that looks like this:

If I add this device to a group in a show the master fader and master off work OK (Showing white light) But the dimmer in Dimmer and strobe do nothing and the colour picker also does nothing. I am sure I just don’t understand how to define the device properly, probably need to do something with the many channel 6 parameters. So I hope someone can help me out with this, so I can sort out the whole show by this Sunday,

Many thanks

In case it helps here is the page from the ‘manual’

Hi and welcome to Photon!
I think you are almost there. Can you see all the settings on the screenshot?

I notice that on your camera the strobe is managed on the same channel as the dimmer.
If you want the strobe to work, you can try :

  1. remove the Dimmer Fixture (Photon will act on the RGBW channels (2,3,4,5) instead of the Dimmer)
  2. create a “Normal” shutter with chan 1 values : 135 - 239. Add an OPEN at 134 and a CLOSE at 9.

This gives :

Tell me if it works?

Don’t forget to remove your device from the fixtures mapping and add it again.

Ok, that changes the behaviour. It’s not quite right yet, but it’s probably getting there.

The strobe slider changes the strobe value and you can modify the colour with the colour wheel and colour sliders, the dimmer fader controls the brightness of the strobing light but, the strobe pause doesn’t do anything and when the strobe slider hits 100 percent you get a static white light and at that point the dimmer fader doesn’t do anything and the colour wheel stops doing anything either.

I was playing with the app called Remote DMX which is an art net diagnostic utility and have found if channel 1 is at a value of 240-255, then the channel 2 to 5 faders control the RGBW values correctly. Is this useful info?

EDIT: So, I have set up a custom control on channel 1 to set a value for channel 1 between 240 to 255. And deleted the strobe control. This gives me a fixture I can control the colour and brightness on, and realistically, we won’t be needing the strobe function anytime soon. It may not be a proper solution that exploits all the pinspot featurs, but I think for now I can live with it.