Newbie questions - ADJ Furry Jet smoke machine problem

Hi all,

I’m totally new to lighting and have some trouble setting up dmx fixtures.

The setup for the Philips hue lights was easy and works great.

I try to set up an ADJ Furry Jet smoke machine and an Shehds mini led Spider light. Have no luck with both of them.

The smoke machine just spills the fluid and produces like 5% of the smoke. But the lights come on :smile:

As I couldn’t find any instructions, it would be nice if someone here could help.

Hi and welcome !
Is the Shehds mini led Spider light working well ?

for your ADJ Furry Jet smoke machine, is it working in manual mode (no DMX) ? Can you try to exclude a technical device problem.
Did you create yourself the fixture in Photon, if you did it could you send us a screenshot of the device in the fixture factory to review it ?

Thank you.

We changed the smoke machine from manual mode to dmx mode. It is working with SoundSwitch.

We tried both, created a fixture and used that one that is provided. But sadly just the spills. I will need to check the spider LED again as I was in hurry last week when we tried it.

Could you please add the Shehds mini LED spider 9x10w rgb to the fixtures list?

Update from our side.

It works now, I think it was because the Denon Prime controller was trying to use the same DMX-Wi-Fi dongle as the photon app.

Is it possible to make folders for the presets for the lights ?

Ok I understand, the signal was override ?
That’s cool if it works now.
No it is not possible to do it.You can only order presets and sequences but not group them.

Ok. Yes the Denon Prime 2 took the signals I guess so photon couldn’t control anything.

We play music and control the lights from the same iPad.

But when we start photon it cuts the Bluetooth connection of the music so we need to connect the iPad with a headphone jack to the PA. Is Photon using the Bluetooth?

Would be awesome if we could still use the music over bluetooth to be wireless and control the lights

Yes, we know this issue. Photon is not using Bluetooth but the iPadOS recording framework (for background mode and the built-in mic analysis) prevents us from continuing the broadcast on the bluetooth. We have already looked for a solution to this problem but without success…