Nightclub Lights Setup using Photon 2

Lights for Nightclub with Photon 2 app on the iPad, 1st time playing with it at the club.
This is what we have installed.
(5) LED Moving Heads 242-25W over Stage.
(3) ColorBand mini pix RGB Led Light from Chauvet, that lights up the stage for the bands or artists.
(6) 7R Beam 230-350W over Dancefloor (14 preset colors, 14 Gobos, Prism, Prism Rotation, Focus, 12 colors, color rotation).
(2) 7R Beam 230-350W (side of the bar)
(1) SOC IT WiFi to DMX from Blizzard.
Whole process of making it work in the Photon 2 app took like 8hours, mostly because I was playing a lot with the app, getting to know and understand all the functions (6hours to get all the lights working with the correct settings, correct channel numbers and IP addresses, a lot of testing and fiddling in the app to see if the lights were responding to every channel, and around 2hrs for all the presets, colors, movements, sequences, and the dashboard layout).

So far very happy with the App.


Whouaaa !! Thank you very much for sharing this very good setup :heart_eyes: I will love see it with people dancing, very good for a photon community ad !
This is impressive, it seems to be easy to use, tell us if you have stability problems or others things you don’t like. Good job !

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Thanks for the reply, I for sure will do a video with people dancing.
I don’t have stability problems at all, I made sure to have an access point to handle all the load from the customers for the wifi on a different network, only if i move in between the walls, like sometimes when i go from the dj booth (2nd floor) to the main floor (ground), it loses signal and lights just stop moving (but they all will remain ON and with the colors that they would be displaying at the time), but as soon as I unlocked the Ipad and go back to the app, they immediately start spinning again.
I think the app it’s great, no delays at all with the response time.
One thing that i would love to figure out is, that I have the moving heads on a group, so they all move at the same time on the same XY address (you see them moving all over the dance floor because of the physical setup, not to the same spot, but covering the whole dance floor, which is good).
I wanted to know if I can do like a chaser, when one light follows the other light after a certain time, and this will also affect the Light or in my case i want to do it with the Strobe, so light 1 will go On, then when it goes OFF, light 2 will come On, and the lights will light up like sequentially not all of them at the same time like Light 1 to 6 ON then all of them OFF.

Ok that’s great news for the stability and the result is cool.
You can’t generate a « chaser » automatically unfortunately, we have to develop a new feature called « effects » but it is a huge amount of work for us. Many users ask for it but I’m not sure it will be possible for this year. We have smaller features to implement before.
You can do it by a create sequences but it will take a very long time to configure…

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What DMX controller are you using for this?

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I’m using SoC-It from Blizzard ($199), you can even use it with batteries and it broadcast it’s on WiFi signal without the need of a router, and also comes with its own software, but… I don’t like it at all, you can’t do much with it. Maybe it’s app is just not for me, but the controller works good, and looking for a software option (since I already had the DMX Controller) I came across with Photon 2 for the iPad, no glitches, always works good at the Nightclub.

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been very busy, but here it goes… as promised

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Yeaaahhh, this is really cool, good job !
Moving heads movements are perfect ans colors matches very nice.
Can I share your video on the Photon’s Instagram as a story ?

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But of course you can share it :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

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Hey, great work.

I have a question. How did you set up the dimmerfader for the stage lights? I can only dimm groups and when i do, the lights become static within the sequence that is running.

I hope you understood my question. I am german and my english isn‘t the best.

Thank you!

See if those pictures help… I use the dimmer from the group lights and I also added a dimmer button from all my sequences…

Yeah just figured it out. It can‘t be done the way i want it. I try to set up lights at a small nightclub but there are only dimmerpacks with usual bulbs and no led fixtures. So you can use the fader to adjust intelligent fixtures while running a sequence cause they have exclusive intensity channel and color and so on. Appreciate your fast answer! Thank you!

Cant‘t wait to recieve the artnet box and mess around with photon 2.
Looks amazinh so far…


Ok good! I’m always checking the forum for news and updates or questions.

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