Noob question : Dmx or Hue?


Just discovering Photon 2 ; i intend to create a ligthing studio setup, something like :

  • 3 spots front
  • 2 besides
  • 2 behind…

with an important need to have same lights as a supposed perspective light of a movie : as eg the person who is shot has :

  • orange light from sun on hairs and shoulders
  • red light front face from fireplace 2 meters front of him…

As a very beginner and knowing nothing technical between Philipps Hue and Dmx lights, what do you suggest me better as :

  • more simple (wifi)
  • budget as possible
  • easy to use with the app (graduation, presets memorisations…)

The budget seems to be among 300-600€ ; your advises would be very helpful (not buying the wrong lightening setup solution).
No need of speed latency and flashong as strobe ; its for capturing vids & picts, no clubbing/disco.

Thank you,

Philips Hue is more a home suite of products

DMX has more devices types
So for a lighting studio you can find spots, par, wash but good fixture with good IRC (needed for photo) are more expensive

Philips Hue has a good IRC but less fixture type

Please note than entertaiment feature of Hue limit apps control to 10 fixtures

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Thank you Dj Greg ; i think Hue would be enough, with Photon as managing solution with presets (and why not strobe etc fx as eg with an ambulance or police car :rotating_light: rolling beside…)