OK button doesn‘t work correctly

When I edit a button or fader on the Live Dashboard, for example when I change the colour or the icon of the button, and press the OK button while the pop-up window is open, the changes are saved but the whole big window doesn‘t close. When I close the pop-up menu, the OK button isn‘t still working, I have to swipe down to close the window.
There is another thing during editing buttons on the Live Dashboard. Sometimes - I can‘t say when it happens and when not - the window for selecting the presets or sequences opens again. I don‘t know if it‘s a real bug, but it‘s a little bit nervy.

Screen recording of the first problem: https://1drv.ms/v/s!AhXfyXLGLXoYg2Hw2VNsaD6TlMwv
You can see after selecting the colour and pressing the first time „OK“, that the colour of the icon on the fader changes in the background.

Thank you very much for this bug tracking ! We will try to reproduce it with the process you did in the video then we will fix it.

I didn’t really understand the second problem, can you explain again please, my English is not perfect :wink:

When I edit a button, I have the button „add action to button …“ in the action section. The menu, that opens when I press the button, opens sometimes without pressing this „add action to button …“-button, only when I start the editing mode of a specific button. Like I already said, it isn‘t everytime and I cannot say when it happens.
When adding a new button to the Live Dashboard, the menu occurs everytime, that‘s vers helpful to add the sequences or presets to the button faster.

„Problem“ 2: I think that I know when it occurs. When I add a button to the Live Dashboard, the menu appears everytime at this button until I close Photon completely and reopen it. Then, the menu doesn‘t open again by default.
I don‘t know if it‘s a real bug. If it isn‘t, it‘s like a feature request by me now :wink:.
So please let this „add action to button…“-window only appear automatically if no action is setted.