Patching Limited to first 16 DMX Channels

I apologize in advance if this is a noob question but I added two Vizi Hex 27 channel fixtures and I get a little message saying “Fixture patching limited to first 16 DMX channels”. What am I missing?

You are using the free version. If you want to use more channels, you have to upgrade to Photon Starter or Photon Pro.

Ahhh… bummer! I was hoping to try it out for a period of time first and I can’t really test it without a handful of fixtures enabled. Thank you though!

Hi and welcome !
You can try with only one fixture and see if it works well for you ?
The Vizi Hex 27 uses 19 channels, Photon will works on the 16 firsts channels. So you will not be able to control latest 3 channels but you can controls firsts (dimmer, color, location…).