Phillips Hue - Disconnects after finding IP


As title states, cannot use hue at all. Disconnects immediately after finding.

Latest updates all around. Anyone have a fix? Kinda pissed. Bought a hue system with this in mind to go with my in house DMX.

Hi !
How many hue lights do you have ?
What kind of lights it is ?

Just the bridge and 1 regular bulb

Thank you, we still working to find a solution, it is very strange.

Hey so it randomly started working and it’s been fine since. Maybe it needs bulbs connected to work? I think my bridge didn’t have anything paired when I started it. Not really sure.

Feature request: Multi color support for the gradient light strip :slight_smile:

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Ha yes maybe, we never try to launch Photon and connect it to a “nude” bridge.

About the gradient light strip it is a good idea, to do that we have first to create gradients effets in Photon but it is not possible yet. I note your idea because it is a very good feature.

Thank you