Photon 2 in action with backing tracks!

Hi Manuel,

I use either Bome or midimittr, not both at the same time. Midimittr is free and has more clarity about source to destination. Bome is a little more confusing with their Out to In labels. They seem backwards to me. However, BOME seems more consistent for me. I love the use of BOME for synchronizing video to Ableton on the cheap on a PC.

This is the long answer YES, it is a “set it and forget it” routing. Be sure to minimize but don’t close it in the iPad. You CAN link MT and Photon2 without these, but it seems that there are more miscommunications. Keep in mind, that at every show I have to occasionally unstick a stuck light in Photon2, but they fire pretty reliably.


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Thank so much for all your insights and help, John!! Really appreciate it :star_struck:

We will go at it again tonight (sadly only have all the stuff in our rehearsal room) and try to make it work. Will also try another iPad, just in case.

All the best, Manu

I know, i hope it works. I’m sorry you are having such trouble with it. When the lights work with a little fog, the customer really wants the band back. So simple, but a great marketing tool!

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Hi John,
Sadly we keep running into the same problem. Tried it with a different iPad newest generation and newly downloaded apps. The sync and transfer of the Midi works perfectly between different apps and also devices (e.g. software synth to Photon on iPad, Multitracker to Software Synth on iPad, Logic on MacBook to Photon on iPad), but Multitracker to Photon on the same iPad (with and w/o midimittr) doesn‘t seem to work properly. We don‘t understand why, it doesn‘t make any sense technically.

We then tried having MT on one iPad and transferring the Midi to a second iPad with Photon on it via midimittr Bluetooth. This works very well, no noticable latency, perfect sync, not a single stuck light so far (in our trials). We‘ll go with that solution for now and keep trying here and there to hopefully some time get the better, easier solution to work.

Thanks so much for all your support!! You‘re amazing :pray: will share a video after our first gig with programmed lightshow.

All the best from Munich,

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Hi Manuel,

Thanks for the update! I am so glad you found a solution! It is a technical question-mark except, I was thinking that my lights only involve 3 Amazon LED’s per side and 1 Chauvet DJ Swarm 4’s per side. So maybe our light show is much simpler than yours, and not so data hungry.

Nevertheless, I am glad to hear that you have found a solution!


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Hello @TYDES, I’m not sure I understood your problem but I have a suggestion for you.
When the 2 apps are on the same iPad, Photon can listen 2 signals, one from hardware MIDI and the other for “Inter app” signal. So if you received messages twice your button will ON then OFF instantly. Have you try to select only InterApp for example in the Photon’s settings ?

Sorry it is a French Photon…

I am not sure it is the purpose of your issue but maybe it can help you.

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Hi @Cclleemm, thanks so much for the hint and idea. We will definitely check it out and let you know the result.

So far with the two iPads it‘s been great and we are currently programming our complete set. Next live shows are already scheduled :star_struck:

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Please share Photon on stage videos :heartbeat:

Sadly that didn‘t solve our issues with incorrect data transmission between the apps on one iPad. But as I mentioned works really well with two iPads, good enough for now :grinning:

Of course, will definitely do that!! We have to gigs coming up in November, where we‘ll not only use the bars as effect lights, but three additional wide spots as stage lighting. All will be completely automated with Multitracker and Photon. Excited how well it will work :star_struck:

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