Photon 2 pro plan is blocked

I just purchased the pro version, and it still showed as blocked and I can only use the first 16 channels.
Can you please help?



You are the first one to inform us about this bug. Can you provide you iOS version and the device you are using ? We will try to fix it quickly but now we ca t reproduce it.

You can also ask for a refund, we are very sorry for this problem !

Thank you for understanding

I am using an M1Pro Macbook Pro with Ventura 13.1

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We are experiencing a similar issue. We paid for the Starter plan about a year ago and have just updated the Photon 2 app (on a 5th gen iPad) and it has reduced the number of available channels to 16. We can’t seem to restore the purchase to the Starter Plan.


In this case you can touch starter plan again, AppStore will not charge you again for this. There is a bug with latest iOS and restore button

Ok, thank you for the update.


I can reproduce in some ways.

If you download the app with user id A and buy the Photon with user B (after switching account for example), the app unlocks successfully.
But if you download the app with user id A and restore the Photon in-app with user B, iOS try to restore with user A because the root app was downloaded by A and restore button ignores the account switch.
Remove app, login with user B and download app again seems to solve the issue.

I have the same behavior with a Mac, after downloaded Photon 2 with session 2 and try to restore with my session, it is impossible.

Are you in that case ?