Photon 2 sequence is causing some lights to restart their program

I’ve got a mixture of two kinds of lights: Some ADJ UltraBar 12Hs which have interesting built-in programs, and a bunch of dumb RBGW LED pars.

What I want is to have the UBs running one of their internal programs and for the pars to cycle through different colors.

I tried to achieve this with a sequence of two scenes: The first scene set the pars to a color and the UBs to a program. The second scene just changes the colors of the pars.

The problem, however, is that every scene change seems to cause the UBs to restart their program (even to the second scene which should only change the pars). My guess is that, even though the DMX values for the UBs are not changing, they’re still being sent as part of the DMX message, so the UBs just see that and start their program over (not realizing that the program being requested is the program they’re already on).

Is there a standard way to solve this? I was thinking I might be able to put the UBs as the last DMX addresses, and maybe Photon would be clever enough to realize it didn’t need to send that part of the DMX message, but I doubt it. Even then, when the sequence came around to the first scene, the UBs would get their program selection, again… unless there were some way to create a Photon sequence which started with some initial scene but then looped over the remaining ones.

Ideas on how to handle this? It would be a shame to have to abandon the UB programs, since it would take a lot of Photon scenes to duplicate them.

I have a similar setup. I have Chauvet 4 play and 4 Par lights. Under light control I have several presets for each of the chauvet programs and then several presets for the par sequences. In each of the presets make sure that only the fixtures for that preset are ticked. I then added the par presets to a par sequence.
Then under Live, I have several buttons, one for each of the Chauvet programs and 1 for the par sequence. Then in live mode I can select any of the chauvet programs and or the par sequence at the same time.
I think that it would be possible under a single live button to add the sequence and a preset for one of the programs, i’ve not tried that .
Hope that this makes sense.


Can you check if the property is checked or not in the group when you edit the preset ?
Preset applies only checked properties

If you want to apply more than one preset at same time, you need to go on dashboard