Photon 2 - setup problem

Hello! In the simulated video, you can see how the ability to scroll the image freezes (approximately 45 seconds of video). Switching to “LIVE” and back does not change anything and scrolling is still not possible. It only helps to reload “Show”
Link video:

Ok thank you @Boris, I just reproduce the bug but it is very random. I don’t have an explicit workflow to follow to reproduce it each time, so it is difficult to diagnostic. Thank you, we will try to fix it !

Maybe I have a good news for you Boris. I found the issue but it is not simple to fix. It tried 2 things :

  • Fix the issue
  • Reset the scroll behavior by navigating in another view in the app (that will allow you to reactivate scrolling in the worst case scenario)

We will release this new version in the week (maybe Tuesday) : 2.0.1. Tell me if the problem persists

Hi! I tried the new version of Photon2 (2.0.1) and the problem I mentioned on youtube, although it persists to a lesser extent.

I’m very sad that the problem persists, I don’t know how to reproduce it on my iPad :confused:
But, is it easier for you ? Now you can switch the view to unfreeze the scroll when the problem appear. It can be a solution until we found the problem

OK! I can handle it.

I have noticed Same issue - can’t identify cause - switching to another view and back usually gets it back to normal.

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