Photon Crash During Live Gig

I had Photon crash Saturday night (9/23/23) during a live gig. It normally runs in the background behind OnSong (which sends MIDI message to Photon to trigger various presets and sequences). I’ve attached the IPS log in case that provides some insight. Thanks.

Photon-2023-09-23-233206.ips (27.4 KB)

Hi !
Sorry for that, I hope it had not perturb to much your gig…
Thank you for sharing we will try to find the cause of your problem

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Fortunately, it crashed / froze with most of the lights on (just all the movement stopped) so we were able to complete our song still illuminated and I was able to restart quickly between songs. First time this has occurred in many months of live performances.

@cclleemm : send him to beta test, seems to be over consumption and quotas was reached

Should I install 2.6.0? I see it available in TestFlight.


You can but save show and avoid on important show for now
But background is more stable specially on big projects

Is the “beta test” you referred to different than the 2.6.0 in Testflight?

The 2.6.0 is the BETA TEST version. It is not a safe version. So, if you have very precious shows on your iPad you can export them to save them. Or if I was you I would wait for the final stable 2.6 release (on the App Store).
But yes, @djgreg13 is right, we improved energy consumption to avoid iOS « kick ».

OK. I’ll wait as I have a live gig this weekend. Is there a way within the Photon2 application to confirm what version is currently loaded? Thanks.

I don’t think so. But you can look in the App Store and see the current version is 2.5.3. If it does not give you an option to update you must be on that version. I have pretty much had at least one crash at every show. I try to remember to close and reopen photon at every break, which helps. Very much hoping 2.6 solves the crashing issue.

Unfortunately, my concern is that I “accidently” accepted the 2.6.0 version that was available on Testflight, but there’s no way to be sure.

BTW, I make it a habit of completely power cycling my ipad before every set as I have Photon2 running in the background and OnSong running in the foreground triggering not only my lightshow but also changing patches on my synthesizer and guitar amp modeler via MIDI. This seems to ensure a crash-free show.