Photon disconnects Airplay

When playing iTunes from my iPad via AirPlay to our PA via an Acrylic S10 Ethernet music steamer the connection is interrupted when I load Photon. How do I prevent this?


Seems to be a Wifi saturation, I have tried this and I play photon and Spotify to my Mac via AirPlay

Have you tried to unicast Artnet with Photon ?

I’m sorry I don’t understand “ Have you tried to unicast Artnet with Photon ?”. Please tell me more.

It seem to happen when running photon and airplay via iTunes on the same iPad but doesn’t seem to happen if running those programs on separate devices.

I will try this evening with iTunes
I don’t have issue with Spotify on Airplay(a old raspberry pi 1) and Airplay 2 receiver(HomePod)

You can specify in photon settings the node to send artnet packets to make network more stable

Artnet send 44 packets / seconds to all your devices connected on network when it was used in broadcast/multicast mode
Some consumer product are bad optimized to handle this. Especially if you have a lot of device connected by wifi

I looked in the Photon settings but not really sure how to do or what to do. Above my level of tech skills. Would you be willing to describe in more detail?