Photon Training Series for Beginners


Well, I have been sick, but I finally started putting out some YouTubes on how to program Photon and set up DMX.

I welcome anyone’s wisdom in the comments on these videos as there are people who use the comments as much or more for information than the video itself.

Here is Part 1 on the simple and quick set up of an uncategorized (Amazon) LED RGB fixture series

I will be progressing to programming a light show and importing it into a backing track player.

I will be reviewing some hardware, as well.


Sorry to hear you’ve been sick. Glad to know you’re on the mend.

Just watched all 3 of your latest videos. Great Job! Very helpful!

Yes, I know that they [these first 3 videos] are fairly tedious but it is intended to get any interested viewers comfortable with the app before I broach the subject of how to program a light show and integrate it into Multitracker (which is the easiest part of all of this.) The programming of the light show and bringing it into Multitracker and deploying it on stage is fairly easy. But that all hinges on how well you set up the lights, DMX channels, cabling and Live console in Photon 2.

Thanks for the encouragement! You were the one that started me on all this, and I love it!


Hey John !
We are delighted at Photon to see how committed you are with our product. I just watched the first video, I will watch the others soon. I truly loved the way you explained how to create a show from scratch with this “quick start” approach. For me it is a very good feedback and an efficient way to understand how users interact with the app. Do you already know how many videos you are planning to release by chance ? I would love to see the final result, with the full setup : lights running, fingers on the keyboard, Photon rendering…

I will get in touch with you as soon as I finish watching all your videos. :star_struck:
Anyway, it is a fantastic job John, Bravo !

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Great introduction videos, I found these on YouTube prior to trying Photon when I was looking for a way of controlling lights at small parties we hold. It really helped me get to grips with the basics so thanks for your time putting them out. :slight_smile: