Photon wins a test shootout

I needed to put together a small portable Mood Lighting package using Battery/Wireless Beamz BBP96 PARs (8x)
Tried 2 other so called Pro Apps on my iPad Pro and they failed miserably - poor feature mapping, difficult user interface, bad graphics, etc.
Tried “Photon 2” and from the beginning everything just fell into place.
Fixture config - easy to setup ( not in your small fixture library yet)
Tried several group configs and settled on 1 fixture per group as having multiple references to the same fixture from several groups caused problems…
Presets easy to set - although I haven’t quite worked out the difference between the 2 preset types!
Sequences everything from slow fading scenes to rapid tempo chases worked.
Just s few thoughts:-

  1. it’s easy to run out of screen space with many presets and Sequences all on the same scrolling page - it would be good to be able to group all the presets for a sequence in a folder which opens if you edit a sequence.
  2. editing the features of a custom Fixture doesn’t change the fixtures already in a show which makes correcting a channel error painful - having to delete all the mapped fixtures, edit the library fixture and remap then link into groups becomes tedious…
  3. if you are editing a show “offline” without the rig having the fixture state mirrored on the “create” screen as in the live mode ( top right) would be good as with the preset window pulled up you can’t see the fixture state…
  4. some indication on the fixture display that W, A or UV channel are in use.

I am using an iPad Pro, TP-Link Wi-Fi router, Chauvet DMX-AN2 artnet in unicast mode adapter and a cable to the closes PAR - the other 6 connect automatically from the first fixture with their seemingly unique WDMX.
Waiting for a WDMX plugin adapter to remove the single Dix cable.

Excellent work - Love Photon 2

David G