Photon2 licence wont unlock

Got the starterpack and it keeps showing up the limited 16channels

everytime i press buy it shows i already have it but it wont activate

Hello !
This problem is récurrent since a few moment we are going to fix it.
What is your platform ? It seems to have a problem on Mac m1, m2. Is it your case ?
We can refund you if you want because unfortunately the issue is not solve yet… we are very sorry for this.

yes have mac m1 pro does this work on ipad air m1?

I think it should work. As far as I know the problem only occurs on Macs and Photon works on my iPad Pro M1 perfectly. So try it definitely!

Yes it seems to be an issue that appear only on Mac.

Try to clean and reinstall Photon 2 on Mac. On my side, Photon 2 comes back with 512 channels

I use Photon2 on 2 iPad pros a 12 5th gen and an 11 3rd gen for backup, and the app works flawlessly with both of these M1 based iPads. Photon is the absolute best!

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