Pknight bi-directional ArtNet Controller CR011R

Any help on below product for initial configuration.

Pknight bi-directional ArtNet Controller CR011R

Artnet controller and IPad on same subnet and IPAD can reach controller and that has been verfied. Arnet controller IPAD.

Artnet controller is connected to generic RGB par light using 3 pin XLR (arnet out to light dmx in)

Both device on same universe (0). In photon setting unicast and IP address of Artnet is mentioned.

But nothing seems working. Any help on this is much appreciated. Initial configuration.= on Photon side to make it work.


When I have issues
I check with ‎DMX Monitor on the App Store on my iPhone if trames are sent right

I prefer sacn, but i would set the pknight in a router environmet (set the pknight ip, subnet, gateway, of course, no internet needed) let Photon2 be your controller and hook the RGB directly to the pknight. Or, is that what you are already doing

Yes- Already trying that
Photon IPAD -
PKNight -

I could reach both from Laptop in same subnet. For testing, generic RGB par light )6 channel) is directly connected to Pknight.

Try to switch in multicast (performance will be lowered) and monitor output with a artnet or sacn monitor