PKNIGHT EastNode Plus

Hi all, I am having some latency issues with this dongle, needing some advice on what i could do to improve the response times and not having anything dropout, I’ve tried all the different channels on the unit, most times it gets a little better for a while and then i get dropouts and/or latency.

I am blaming the 2.4G networks, ive got a few here at home, we share residence with family each in their own home so everyone has their own WIFI and with all the cameras and other smart home things it’s definitely a little WIFI crowded here.

At gigs things aren’t that much better.

anyone with a Art-Net device that doesn’t have its own Wifi, should i get another device, and setup one of my apple routers, 5G only maybe? should i expect better results?

otherwise am i missing anything on my PK device?

thx :slight_smile:

made this video yesterday:

So I ordered the wired node as well, and there’s definitely a huge improvement in latency
and response, there’s still little slight delay, not sure if it’s because it’s a budget unit, have no way to compare with another brand at this stage, or if my network (apple router - both 4 and 5G options) needs a little more tweaking. But for sure a better option than the 2.4G wireless dongle.

I use Chauvet dmx-an2, Chauvet DiFi dongles, with an older dedicated WiFi router. I get a little latency on occasion at different venues but usually it is a very good setup. I have read reviews that talk about the pknight wireless units having latency issues. The Chauvet stuff is a bit pricey though for what you get but seems to work better, maybe…