Please welcome Philips Hue with Photon 2.1

DMX world now meets Philips Hue Entertainment !

Photon 2.1 can now control your Philips Hue lights and other DMX lights in the same project. Simply connect your bridge to the app to use all the features of Photon with your Philips Hue. Brightening up your most beautiful evening at home or controlling strip lights in your bar is now at your fingertips !

Philips Hue Entertainment requires v2 bridge (minimum) and Entertainment compatible bulbs (max 10 Philips Hue lights).

I’m having issues getting this to work. After I connect it shows my bulbs and I’m able to import them but it immediately pops up at the top “Hue Disconnected” and the bulbs all show unavailable. Any troubleshooting advice?

Hi @Josh_Newman and welcome !
Can you send us more informations, like :

  • screenshot of your mapping panel
  • screenshot of your group’s attached devices
  • screenshot of your Philips Hue App (Settings tab -> Entertainment), you must have a Entertainment named “PhotonEntertainmentGroup”, can you open it ?
    like this

Thank you, I think with this we will be able to help you

@Josh_Newman is it working ?

Hi. Every time try to connect my Hue Bridge, about 3 seconds after my bridge is found and connected, a notification shows up saying Philips Hue Bridge Disconnected. It shows my Hue lights in the devices, but I can’t do anything with them.
Do I need to create that Hue Entertainment Area BEFORE connecting my Bridge, or is it supposed to happen automatically when I connect Photon 2 with the Hue Bridge?

Hi and welcome @jmo2610 !

Please ensure that you enabled Local Network access to Photon 2 in the iPad settings.

Then, can you verify with the Philips Hue app (Settings tab -> Entertainment) that a group named PhotonEntertainmentGroup was created. Can you open it and tell me if the mapped lights are present in the list ?
You can send me screenshots or a video of your problem if you want.

i have the same problem. I connect it and all the lamps are displayed, after that the connection breaks off immediately and the lamps are there but not connected. no matter how many times I try again. but in the Hue app I don’t see a group called ( PhotonEntertainmentGroup ). I have already set everything in the app myself, which is why there are different areas. but the areas should all run via the Photon 2 app. I just have no idea where it could be
and all local networks are on

I joined to say the same thing.

It sees my Hue hub and I select it. I authorised the network and I press the button to pair. After that it says disconnected. No Entertainment zone is created.

I tried forgetting the hub but there’s no way for it to forget it (that works) as it loops around on itself. Also, no area in the settings menu for Photon 2. I’ll keep trying as this looks amazing.

I have 22 Hue lights but I have only selected 10.

I am on iOS 17 beta if that helps.


So I’ve come to the conclusion that Hue doesn’t work anymore. Something seems to be broken in the app or an update to the Hue bridge (or iOS).

I reset and cleaned up the Hue bridge and it still won’t work. Hue bridge software is 1.59.1959194030 so with the Hue bridge getting matter support, has something broken it?
Just a guess.

So I can search for a Hue bridge and it finds it. I add it and it asks me to press the button to pair it. It asks if I want to add the lights and then instantly a pop-up states “Philips Hue Bridge Disconnected”. It then offers me the chance to ‘find a bridge’ again. My guess is the app isn’t working with the bridges for some reason.

iOS 17 (21A5319a)
Hue bridge: 1.59.1959194030
Photon 2: V2.53

Let me know if you want me to use debug mode.