Please will you add these Prolight Reflex lights for our school?

Hi, I work at a Special Needs school here in UK, and we have replaced our Luminair control software with Photon 2 as it’s so very much easier to use.

We’re having some trouble with the initial configuration of our DMX setup though.

We have a pair of “Prolight Reflex” wall lights and we can’t seem to make the custom feature work for these lights.

Full description for these lights (Two of them only) is “Reflex LED-Washer, 19x10W, RGBW/FC LED, 10-60 Degree Zoom, WDMX"

Would it be possible for you to add a built-in fixture for our lights please?

Here is a link to the Reflex manual with dmx info if required.
[Dropbox - reflex.pdf - Simplify your life]

Kind Regards, Paul