Position fade in Sequencer


Today i bought your app and i am wondering if there is any possibility to fade between two positions in sequencer mode. I want to use the app as a musician and fading between positions would look nice on stage.

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Hello !
You can save different devices positions with cues in the group panel and set « fade in/out » to switch between then with a transition.
can this meet your needs?
However it isn’t possible to do it between sequences yet. It could be a good idea.

Hey @ludwigrauch,

I hope you will pardon me for being late to the party here. I just wanted to check in and see if the solution @Cclleemm provided you was acceptable.


Yeah, this workaround works well, thanks!

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Hi @ludwigrauch,

Excellent! I am happy to hear that the workaround worked for you.

We’d definitely love to see what you have going. :smiley: Please let us know by raising a new thread should you have questions, feedback or encounter any issues.