Pro offer not available

Hi there. I have the free version of photon2. Your website says ‘pro’ is on offer at $59.99. When I try to upgrade, it takes me to the AppStore and asks me to agree a charge of £89 GBP (over $100 usd).)

Also, I want to control Photon 2 via midi messages from Camelot Pro. Will that be possible?

Many thanks


indeed since the last update of Photon the promotion disappeared. We have just put it back, it is now at 69$ (59GBP) instead of 99$ without promotion.

I tried to download Camelot Pro for free but I never received the email with the link to download it. I think it will work. Photon use standard MIDI protocol.

I thank you for your interest in Photon and don’t hesitate if you have any other question we will try to answer you.