Pro Version not working

Hello, I paid for the pro version (about 100 USD) and it doesn’t let me use the features. I paid so I would be able to use the MIDI inputs but they are not available, the app keeps showing the “Unlock Pro” sign, like I hadn´t already paid for it.

I tried clicking “Restore purchases” and a sing pops that says “Photon Unlocked. Thank You!”. But nothing changes in the actual app.

Hello this is not normal,
Could you please try to export your shows (backup) then delete the app and reinstall it ?
Then you can restore the purchase.

Sorry for this issue, we don’t understand why you encounter this problem.

Keep me in touch.

We will refund you if the issue persists of course

We’re having the exact same problem.

Have uninstalled and reinstalled the app but the problem is persisting.

Would it be possible to receive a refund?


I am very sorry,
I sent you a private message to solve your issue

Just upgrade to pro version and it all went well. I appear to have all the additional functionality.
Its an iPad Pro (12.9 inch), not sure how old it is as I picked it up second hand, running 16.3.1.
Don’t know if that has any influence in it upgrading or not.

Thank you Chris for your feedback !

It seems to work in most cases but it’s annoying that some people have this problem