Problem with IPAD Pro

Hi Photon Team,

I installed Version 1.5.2 and have problems to work with shows. When I go to show I could navigate in the color circle - it‘s totally freezed. Same situation when I will select a specific color directly. I de-installed and installed again the app, but I‘m get the same situation.

I have also an IPAD 4 and on this device I have no problems.

Best regards

Hi Thomas !
That’s bad :confused: What iPad are you using ? Can you send us a video of what you are doing or screenshots of your configuration ?
We will try to help you but a problem that appear on an iPad but not on another will be difficult to fix. I hope we will help you :slight_smile:

Hello, i will complete the @Cclleemm’s response, can you provide us the phos file of your show by DM ?

I just tried it with a new iPad Pro, and yes there is a very very big bug !
We will fix it very soon, I will keep you in touch when the version will be available on the App Store. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi @kithom,
We fixed the bug in last release Photon v1.6 :slight_smile:
Thank you for your feedback