Problems with custom devices

When the app sinks it deleted my custom device and added a lumipix device to my custom devices folder which I didn’t make or have. Please help I love your app and hope that this issue can be resolved

Hello and welcome on the Photon community :slight_smile:
When you said “sinks” did you want to say “synchronized” ?
It’s maybe a problem with the database migration between app upgrades (1.0 to 1.2).
If you con’t have many things (projects, custom devices…) in Photon you can delete the app, download it from the App Store again. Sorry for convenience. Otherwise we have to find an other solution and get your database to correct it…
In any case we will have to fix this bug so that it does not happen again in future versions.

Thank you very much using Photon, I’m very happy to know that you like it. Don’t hesitate to publish a good review in the App Store if you like it :wink:

I will come back to you quickly when I (or we) will find a solution ! Keep me in touch if you have more clues

As you can see It removed the LCT par rgb fixture and the lumapix fixture was in its place and was not able to be deleted. I have done a delete and reinstall I will let you know if the problem happens again

Ok thank you for precisions. We reproduced succesfully the bug yesterday and we will try to fix it in the future release.
unfortunately you will have to wait for the update, does this really bother you or you can wait?

Thank you very much for report us this issue.

I can wait for the update but thank you for your fast response and diligence to help with finding a fix to the problem it’s very nice to see a company that takes care of there users :grinning:

Your welcome !
Photon is a young app, with have to improve it with users feedbacks.
Happy to help you :wink: