Problems with music sync


I was testing my configuration today. While playing and skipping between different modes (manual / automatic (built-in mic) the bpm counter just “stopped”. Well, it was running but syncing to the wrong bpm. It was static at 120 bpm even with “automatic (built-in mic)” activated.

Unfortunately, I can’t reproduce the issue because I clicked a lot and activated different sequences / presets all the time.

Just wanted to let you know that I encountered that issue.


I know but we don’t find the problem yet. We have to continue our investigations

Probably, for the moment, a reset-button for the sync would work? A small button somewhere in the control for sync to reset the current?

Did some testing a few minutes ago. Activating a a sequence and switching between presets (manually in the “Light Control” tab and the BPM is “static” at 83-85 BPM.
The visuals are jumping like wild (loud input) but the BPM stays at 83-85 BPM.

Troubleshooting: switching the mode to “manual” and hitting the screen adds bpm up to 180 in my case. After switching back to “Automatic (built-in mic)” [with a line in connected] resets the BPM back to 83. Same with Ableton Link.

Switching in and from “LIVE”-Mode (Showtimemode) makes no difference.
Restart of the app obviously fixed the issue. Working fine after restart.

HAHA got it reproducible! Not the first one (with the static thingy at 120 BPM) but the problem with the 85 BPM. I started a song with 100-130 BPM (depending on section of the song). After clicking some presets & sequence heavily, it switched to the 85+ BPM thingy.

After 2 min not adapting to the incoming sound I pressed some buttons again and it started adjusting the BPM to the sound. Is the BPM recalculating after each preset/sequence? I attached the video below and hope it’ll help :slight_smile:

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By the way: Locking your iPad (no Live-Mode activated) with running music and then unlocking it also stopped the visual graph and bpm of my beat tracker in one case.

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I reproduced the last one, but the the two others.
We will fix the last one and try to reproduce others. Thank you for this troubleshooting !

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The “Locking your iPad” bug is fixed, it will be available in the next version :wink:

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“Locking your iPad” bug fix was released on the App Store.
Thank you very much @Jonny !

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