Random light flicker

Every now and then, a fixture in our universe flashes randomly. We have no idea why.

The flashes are visible in the DMX monitor. Channel values are dipping to 0, then restoring immediately. (See attached screenshot)

If we close the Photon 2 app, the problem disappears. What could be the cause of this?

Hi can you give me the project file and a step j’y step please ?


Project file attached.

Photon (1 show).phos (501.3 KB)

Here’s a video where you can clearly see channel 73 flashing to 0 for a millisecond

What device receptor do you use ?

The iPad is connected via Wifi to a Stairville Replay Show

We don’t have any issues when we close the Photon App though

What do you set on dmx merge settings of the stair ville
Do you see the flickering with an external artnet monitor like DMX monitor

We don’t use the DMX merge mode. We use Bridge mode Wifi>DMX out.

Yes, we also see channel dips using the external monitor when the Photon App is open

If you close Photon
Your dmx output keep last state or return to 0 ?

It keeps last state when closed

i have reproduced, I think we have a bug with reset of live mode, the state of Warm White custom should be 0

What happen if you surcharge this ?

I’ll have to check. What does the surcharge actually do?

In normal case, all states must go to 0 in live mode. There is a bug with this Control Warm White

The custom control Warm White stays to 1 in IHM but is 0 in back office, so they entering in conflict, surcharging it in dashboard or via Group, force the back office value