Remember last tab

It would be great if the App remembers the last tab you were on.

We use Photon as a Kiosk app, and when it crashes or restarts, it goes back to the “Light control” tab instead of the “Live” tab we always use.


Hi !
Good idea I write it on our todo list.
Where did you install photon ?

@Cclleemm This would be a very helpful feature if the app could restart in the last show and live mode. At a base level even if it’s possible to set a show as default when the app is started would allow the app to restart and continue the show when it crashes in Kiosk mode. I currently am running on an iPad Mini with 28 devices/groups and the crashes are very common.

Hi @Jborn93 !
Normally the default show is the last opened. It is automatically launched when the app start.
But of course, we could save the last tab opened and open the good one when the Photon start.
What is your use case ? I am curious to know how you are using Photon :wink:

Currently the app opens to the shows page if it’s closed or after a crash. I’m using it to set up and run bar lights as well as party lights at a restaurant.

Ok, we will try to do it in the next version. The show will open automatically and open the last tab.
I hope your bar setup will be delightful !

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