Reset all controls to zero

I want to set a MIDI template in Cubasis to record Controller gestures for a song, export the MIDI mixdown and launch it in (what I am using now) Multitracker. So far, it all works perfectly and in time. However, I need an initializing command at the beginning of the MIDI file so that it does not inherit the remaining settings from the prior song.

Is there an approach to initialize all setting to zero before starting a song?


Hey @CaliCreed !
We don’t have a MIDI-controlled “button” to reset the Dashboard. You have to disable all controls one by one or disable and re-enable the live mode manually.
We could add this feature for a future version of Photon, I note it in our todo list. This could also be done with the “Latch” or “Solo” proposed by several people in the community :

Hello @CaliCreed, my fellow Multitracker user! Glad to have you here. The possibilities for Mutitracker and Photon are pretty exciting.

I don’t think this is a midi issue, it’s more of a need for some kind of Latch trigger mode for preset buttons.

Just so I’m clear you end each song with a preset on (otherwise the stage would be dark). At the start of the next song you want to turn off that preset off?

If you’re not already doing this the only thing I might suggest is ending every song with the same preset. This preset has it’s trigger mode set to Toggle. At the beginning of each song you would trigger that preset again which would turn it off. It’s not a perfect solution but it might work.

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Nice! We have yet to use DMX live. Photon is our first try at it. That is such a great suggestion! Thanks!