Savant DMX controller (OLA Server)


I am trying to connect a Savant DMX controller. The controller uses OLA. The “Savant” universe is universe ID 1.
The IP of the controller is The Primary Broadcast Address is P:A server versopm os 0.10.7. It uses ArtNet Description Art-Net universe 1:0:1. Merge Mode LTP.

I created a custom device in Photon with the channels on the dmx decoder before my fixture. I set the address to the decoder address when I added my device to the show. I configured the app to Art-Net, Unicast, and tried both IP addresses. I tried subnet 0 and universe 1 and I also tried subnet 1 and universe 1.

I am missing something that is keeping this from talking to the DMX controller?

Hi !
Try subnet 0 and universe 1. This is the good configuration for the DMX King for example so maybe it is the same with your Ola server…

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