Save or Open with preset value

Hi my first post.

Is there a way I’m missing to save a level for the group in a scene?

Say Group 1 is 50, when I exit the app. I want to to return to 50 when I go back in. It doesn’t seem to do that or am I just doing something wrong. Otherwise really liking the app. I’m just using it to control the brightness on some spots, so I’m not after anything complex.



Do you have purchased Photon ?

So if you kill the App, the app will revert the changes of last 5 seconds excepts major changes.

The state is not a major change.

Please note if you have iPadOS 13.2, there is 13.2.2 update which fixes kill background behaviors

Using free edition, happy to purchase to include the save feature, it didn’t look like that was a feature.

All the groups remain, the problem is if I set the lights to a level. Close the app. Go out of wifi range or simply put the ipad to sleep. The lights remain at the current level (good, that’s what I want).

The moment I open the app again they go to a different level (bad, it will wreck the setup in an event when the app reconnects to Artnet, the levels on screen are different to when the app is closed). I hope that explains better. That’s the only fault I have for the app for how I wish to use it. It doesn’t “save” the last state of the levels when you exit. (eg: iPad crashes, needs to be rebooted etc).

Appreciate any help/advice.


Simply using it for dimmer and zoom control on 12 white lights grouped in 3 groups. Not a very complex setup at all. Was after a simple application that has sliders essentially. It fits that quite well. The lights have Artnet built in, the first light controls the rest via the DMX cable. All that part works.

The save state is included in free version, but the states are saved every 5 seconds.

What is your ios version and photon version ?

IOS 13.2 on iPad mini 4.

I can’t seem to find a button in the app to find the version number. The logical place was help, but it just shows a guide.

In the App Store it says version 1.7.2 is the latest and there is no option to upgrade. So I assume from that I have 1.7.2 installed.

The states definitely are not saving after closing the program.

They also do not save if you save a show to the iPad (Files program).

Then launch the show from Files on the iPad. All the fixtures and groups save. Just not the level or percentage or brightness.

Tested on two different iPads now a Mini 4 and a Brand new Air 2019 version as well. All with the latest versions of IOS and Photon.

Thanks you very much for you post, after investigations, there is an issue on save state in some cases.

We will release 1.7.3 for fix it (except for ipadOS 13.2)

ipadOS 13.2 is not compatible due to general background bug on iOS itself

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Hello @Speegs

A new release was deployed today 1.7.3 with the save state fix

Many thanks for report this issue to us :slight_smile:



Can you confirm me the 1.7.3 solves your issue ?