Scenes fades are different live mode

Whenever I set a scene to slowly fade in, it works great while editing and acts as expected. BUT, when I switch to Live mode, suddenly the fades act differently. Specifically, for some reason as the Dimmer slides from 0%-100%, the “Strobe” slides from 100%-0%. I have confirmed that the strobe is set to 0% for all scenes (and “checked” to lock it in).

It works fine is non-live, but suddenly changes when “live.” This makes scene fades impossible in Live mode because they always strobe instead of just dimming up. Known bug? Anything else to fix?

Did you put strobe on 100% when you created the presets for the scene? And did you save this? I think when you go in live mode it puts everything on 0% to start ‘fresh’

I think i didnt read your post properly. Yes you did what i suggested. Haha. In the settings there is a option to switch what 100% means for strobe. Maybe this could be it?

Thanks for the quick reply. I don’t see any settings for strobe behavior, could you please elaborate on that? The only settings I’m seeing are IP address, Midi, Node, subnet, universe, etc.

It might be ahen you create a fixture. Not sure.