Sequences acting different in Live mode

I have just programmed my first moving head movement sequence.

When I press the button I have created in Live view to start the sequence, everything works as expected.

But when I press ”Live” the sequence behaves completely different and the MH points in a different direction.

Am I doing something wrong here?

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Hey !
I think this is the same sequence, I will try to explain why the behavior is different.

It’s due to the slow movement, your steps don’t have the time to go to the end of the position.

So :

In « normal » mode your initial position before you launch the sequence is maybe 50% x and 50% y and the moving head oscillate between 40% and 60% during the sequence

In live mode, your moving head are in initialized to 0% x and 0% y.
So your movement oscillate around 0% - 20%.

To fix it you can for example create a button on your dashboard with a preset that initialize your moving heads position before you launch your sequence

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So cool! Can you share how you programmed a “circle”? I assume it took several static positions (presets) put into a sequence?

Thanks! I will try that and get back.

Have been a sound engineer for almost 20 years but light programming is really new to me, but it is so much fun!

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Yes, that is correct. However for this specific test I didn’t put effort into being very exact with the positions and I only used four positions (presets) per sequence and I guess it would be much better with around 16 positions to increase smoothness.

But if Photon would add support for pre-defined movements that would of course be amazing.


I think I may have found why this happened.

There seems to be an issue when combining the same devices within different groups.
I had two groups with the individual MH and one with both. When I removed the individual groups it started working as intended.

Is this a known/common thing in the lighting community?