Setting a fade time between presets?

We used photon2 in anger for the first time last night, and it worked really well. One question. Is it possible to do a fade between presets? Rather than turn some fixtures off and others on instantly?

Hi and welcome Mark !
Yes it is possible, you can create fade between presets.
Do to it you have to go on the “Live” view, create your dashboard and add 2 buttons. The first one with the preset 1 and the second with the preset 2. You can add transitions (in or out) to theses buttons. When you will active a button the preset will appear (and or disappear) with a fade.
Are you speaking of Anger in France ? Is it for a bar, theater or maybe in the castle :scream: ?

Don’t hesitate if you have another question or feedback.
I hope you will enjoy Photon 2.

Using in anger is an English phrase that means using properly, or seriously as intended as opposed to trying it out

Thanks I will look at the live dashboard.

This lighting setup was used in our Church Christmas carol service last Sunday.

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