Shows are completely gone after Photon 2 crash

I posted this in a thread that talked about this but no one responded so starting a new topic.

I had a full show and the band was about to take the stage to a packed theater. Then Photon crashed and when I opened it all my shows were gone, and devices gone.

I am not happy. Hours of work gone. But worse, a ruined music event. Please tell me there is a fix for this.

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We only have two cases of this issue you and the other topic

It’s very difficult to debug
But you can help us by sending ips files


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I am happy to try and help resolve the issue. But also is there a way to restore my devices and shows?

Also where will I find the IPS file?

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Hi @gedwest and sorry for the time we took to answer to your problem.
I saw it but I have no idea of how we could analyze the content of your iPad to try to keep it back.
Maybe there is a way, @djgreg13 do you have an idea ?

In any case I understand completely that it is unacceptable. We need to find the cause of the problem to make sure it doesn’t happen again to you or anyone else.

Did you create custom devices? Are they still present in the fixtures list?

In any case, if we can’t find a solution to find your show and you still want to work with Photon, it is possible to export your projects. It’s a good way to save them in case something weird happens.

Thank you for your help, we will try to do our best !

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Hello @gedwest

Can you send analytics report of last crash ?

You can find here : Settings>Privacy>Analytics->Analytics Data


GOT A SAME PROBLEM HERE! . My show that made for an hour was gone during the show and when we created the new one it still crashed and pop out to main screen this make my show look bad and unprofessional. Our Client was upset with me to solve this problem, please, if you have any solution, please reply

And about crash report ,I click on send report every time but still got same problem.

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Hello and welcome,

we are really sorry that such a problem occurred in full live ! This is really not the kind of thing we want for Photon and for you as a user.
This issue is very difficult for us to correct because it is quite rare and difficult to reproduce.
But it’s a good thing, on the next version we will integrate an advanced diagnostic feature that will allow us to see more clearly the problems like yours and to correct them (or maybe even recover your lost shows).
I can’t guarantee anything but if you want, I suggest you to join the test campaign of the beta version in progress. To do so, please send me the Apple ID email address used on your iPad by private message. I will then explain you the rest of the procedure.
I’m sorry for this inconvenience and we will do our best not to let it happen again.

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I too have the problem, I keep getting Photon 2 crashing.
Luckily I saved my shows but it’s very annoying and yes I always sent reports.

Sven Hornung

Hello @DarkBlueNight341 !
We will publish in the week a new version that will :

  • fix some bugs that produce crash
  • avoid to loose a show
  • integrate a new view to allow users who meet issues like you to send a full diagnostic report (it is a bundle with your settings, show…) to the support team. It will help us to reproduce this kind of trouble to solve it then.

Of course we are very sorry for this and we will do our best !

Thank you for your feedback

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Thank you for taking the time and actively working on Photon 2.

Since I control moving heads (Fun Generation Pico Beam Quad LED) function like:

Behavior: Serial (Consecutive) & Asymmetric

Wich would be: The devices can be controlled individually, but it only works 1 together, either together or individually and this would have to be done separately!

These functions are standard with many DMX controllers.

Sven Hornun