Sliders/Faders for Intensity

Not a big deal, but I have a preference for a straight up and down slider vs the semi-circle control for intensity, anyway would be nice if you could change it. Maybe I’m the only one, others might want to +1 if you think it’s a good suggestion.

Hi !
Thank you for your feedback.
Maybe it is easier to control, that’s not a bad idea. We wanted to use knobs than sliders because it was more beautiful and create a visual identity for the app. I think it could be a good idea to completely customize the « light control » panel avec maybe configure knobs, sliders, color pickers, buttons… we have to consider it for a next release. Thank you for your suggestion and thank you for using Photon

Thanks for considering it, I’m sure they are not for everyone and depending on the situation the controls in place are more useful.

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