Slow update rate on iPad?

I’m evaluating Photon 2 as a controller for my mobile lighting rig for gigs. I have an OLA DMX/Wifi Bridge I built on a Raspberry Pi, and it’s been working great with other apps I’ve been evaluating. Photon 2 works great with it from my M1 Mac mini, but I need to use it with my iPad Pro (1st-gen 12.8", iOS 16.6) - but channel updates from my iPad are not smooth. If I run my finger slowly around the color wheel, the lights change smoothly from my Mac mini, but they make step changes from my iPad, at a rate of about twice a second.

Any advice to help make this work? If I can sort this out for my iPad I’ll be upgrading to Pro for sure.

Hi ! We develop Photon on this model of iPad so we are sure that it has to work smooth. Let’s try to find a solution :wink:
Is it a new behavior since iOS16.6 or it was the same before ?
Are you in unicast mode or in multicast mode ? If you are in multicast mode please try unicast I think it will fix your problem

Unfortunately I didn’t use it before iOS16.6 so I don’t know if it’s specific to that version. I tried both Unicast and Multicast and had the same behaviour. Incidentally, multicast on the Mac mini was working fine. My DMX Bridge creates it’s own wifi hotspot and there are no other devices on that network.

After extensive debugging I identified the issue as being specific to my iPad, as I was having similar issues just adjusting the fader in OLA’s web interface, while the web interface was smooth from both my iPhone and my Mac. Turns out the issue is with ‘Handoff’ - I disabled that on my iPad, and now Photon 2 is working as it should. Not sure if this is a new behaviour in 16.6, but worth looking out for if anyone else has issues with update latency / smoothness!

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We don’t use handoff mechanisms
But handoff use multicast so if you have in your network a router or a switch without support of igmp snooping, the handoff packets are in a storm in the network.