Some fixtures ideas


First I have 2 suggestions about preset section:

1: Add the possibility to add presets directly from the “group” page without systematically going back to the “light” page, that would save a lot of time when encoding the show

2 : Add the possibility in the preset page to filter the presets according to the parameters they control: brightness, movement, color etc.

A classic light console is built as follows:
Fixture> group >cue or effect> preset> Executor or sequence > live page
Fixture> preset> Executor or sequence > live page

You need « rec » bouton to simplify your interface,
« blind » bouton to create new preset in live without affect the show,
« clear » or « initializing » as you prefer to clean the programmer
effect generator,
Executor section,
possibility to assign a live bouton without create preset

Thanks the team for the work already done, this really a good app 🫶🏻 (et bon courage)


Nice ideas, we will study these :slight_smile:
We want to simplify preset usages