Some problems with photon2.4

Hello, I’m new to photon2, and I have some problems

I installed :
2 Chauvet wash fx
2 adj stingers 2,
2 Chauvet intimidator spot duo
1 six-eye rgb laser.
I had several application crashes when installing the intimidators.
I had a problem with their settings.
If I adjust in the color gobo tab and I leave the rainbow effect (scrolling colors) this one remains active and I can no longer change colors, I was forced to insert my colors in a control advanced.
Another problem: when I make a preset, if I deselect a device, it still works and does anything.
In “live” mode I have some bugs with my presets (for example a wash which should be red but this one starts to flash)
Possible improvements: - able to save my devices to find them in case of re-installation

  • be able to insert gobo symbols
    I’m making slow progress with photon but I really like the app.sorry for my english.


Photon indeed relies more on a management of color effects on the application itself
The rainbows I make with a sequence of ten or so presets

Concerning the presets that do anything it is often explained when the capture took place the yellow dot was missing

With the project file and the name of the preset you can see what Photon really has in this preset :slight_smile:

Thanks for the compliments

Hello, thanks for your reply. I put one device per Group to control
Them individually. For exemple the slow1, when i go to live, wash blink.
Photon (1 show).phos (839.5 KB)


Thanks you

The wash FX declaration has a mistake, non evidence with the manual
The OPEN property is Channel 4 value 0 and the range of Strobe from 1 to 255

You can edit the custom device and modify shutter and remap device :slight_smile:

I hope it will help you

Ok, I’ll correct the values and test. Thank you for your help

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