Sound to Light setup help

Hi, new to Photon and I’m not sure what the best way is to have sound to light going in a sequence as it just doesn’t seem to flow for me even on a BPM setup - not changing to music through mic.

Am missing the idea on this or not doing something? Do I need to use Ableton ? (Which I know nothing about). Simply want a set of sequences to change with whatever music is played which doesn’t seem to be happening atm.


Do you have Photon Starter or Pro. If yes, please sure the Auto source is selected.

The wave reacts with the mic. if the wave still static, maybe, the app doesn’t have permissions to use mic on iPad settings

Good question - how do I find out on app if we have starter or Pro? Evaluating three different packages so don’t know what has been chosen - if starter how do we upgrade to pro?

Mic accès has been allowed in iPad Pro settings

in live mode Automatic(built in mic is supported) and line does fluctuate.

Starter is ok

You see with channels limitations

Bpm fluctuates ?

We’re on pro btw.
Got it working will upload a video if it will be helpful to others to see as well.

My comment would be that BPM on its own has limitations - I read a comment somewhere else on here and agree that when the volume of a track stops “so should the sequence”. - no sound stop! Also when for instance you have a slower part of a track BPM will still be changing sequences when it’s probably not what’s required. Somehow I think you need to link volume to BPM (I’m no expert) but its probably the one thing Stagelight does better. Hope you find that constructive as I love the product.

The sound only allows automatic adjustment of the bpm, THAT’S ALL

But you raise an important point and a very good idea. Allowing the assignment of fader values (live page) to the incoming music with the possibility, ideally, of selecting the frequencies of interest according to the use (Kick, Voice, Hi-hats)
But this function has its limits since it uses the iPad’s microphone and not an auxiliary audio input
And to optimize this function it is also necessary to be able to change the operating mode of a fader in the “live” page.

  • master : the current mode (it sets the intensity of the cue)
  • Tempfade: Cossfades the cue on when pulled up, and off when pulled down.
  • Crossfade : Crossfades between two cues. Current cue and next cue. The current cue will change when the fader reaches the other end position from where it started.